Bartimeus Institute for the Visually Impaired

Bartimeus Foundation is an institution for the purpose of caring for visually impaired and blind people. It is the largest organization in the Netherlands for services to the visually impaired . Bartimeus is located at sixteen locations throughout the Netherlands. It employs more than 2,000 employees and about 850 volunteers. They support 12,000 clients.

Bartimeus started in 1915 as Association for the promotion of Christian education and education for children and young people in Zeist . The creation takes place on October 14, 1915, but was officially approved by Queen Wilhelmina on January 27, 1916 In 1919 the first children come to the new school for blind or Braille in Zeist . On October 16, 1949 the school Bartimeus thirty years. Exists There are 93 students: 81 on the day school and 12 at the vocational school. Of these, 82 children were resident. In this year, the education of blind and visually separated. In 1972 by Doorn Princess Margriet the first part of the "Bartimeushage 'opened a center for people with both a mental and visual impairments.

On Texel is Bartimeushoeve opened a training center where clients can discover the nature of Texel. In 2003 Bartimeus get a new board. The name Bartimeushage is abolished, all parts are now under the name Bartimeus. Bartimeus makes following the merger with sonneheerdt on January 1, 2006 part of Stichting Bartimeus sonneheerdt. In 2007, Foundation Bartimeus sonneheerdt under the name Bartimeus.

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