Hyogo College of Medicine

Hyogo College of Medicine is a private university in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan, established in 1972. Our college was founded 40 years ago in Nishinomiya, one of Japan's most prominent college zones. The cherry blossoms along the Mukogawa River bloom beautifully and proudly around the time of our entrance ceremony. Our graduates, who have a firm grounding in the founding spirit of the school, number 3,484 and are currently active as professional medical staff in core positions in the field of health care.

In addition, we have graduated 894 Doctors of Medicine. These include numerous researchers who are gathering worldwide attention. In this way,we have been cultivating top caliber health care professionals and sending the excellent fruits of our research capabilities out into the world. In the realm of clinical research of all kinds as well, we enjoy top level rankings. The concept of a relaxed education is not in our sights, as the educational policy of our college is to thoroughly teach students until they reach complete mastery.

Our college is characterized by faculty passionate about education, research, and medical care, who can be found on campus day and night. To those of you who aspire to become physicians with true ability, I heartily urge you to knock on our door, for it is our college's mission to fulfill your aspirations.

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