National Health Research Institutes

The National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) is a non-profit foundation established by the government with its organization charter created by an Act of Congress (Legislative Yuan) and signed in 1995 by President Teng hui Lee. Being an autonomous research organization under the supervision of the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, the NHRI is dedicated to the enhancement of medical research and the improvement of health care in this country.

Scientists at the NHRI conduct mission oriented medical research and investigate many aspects of the basic biomedical sciences, as well as specific diseases. These range from the common problems such as aging, cancer, infectious diseases, mental disorders, occupational diseases, to health policy. It is our hope that the knowledge, experience, and facilities at the NHRI will become important resources to the whole nation in understanding, preventing, and curing diseases.

The NHRI has been established to serve the following purposes: To plan the overall directions of national science and technology development in health and medical care; To coordinate, integrate, and support research activities undertaken by medical institutions in this country; To further educate and train young scientists and physicians; To establish an objective and fair system for reviewing and assessing research projects and their progress; To facilitate the exchange of information and to promote domestic and international cooperation. It is anticipated that both public and private sector efforts of the NHRI will help achieve excellence in medical research in Taiwan.

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