Pele Choi-Sing Chong

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Vaccine Research and Development Center
National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan

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Dr. Chong is Distinguished Investigator and Director, Vaccine Research and Development Center at National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan. Dr. Chong had spent 15 years at Aventis Pasteur in human vaccine research and development. During his tenure there, Dr. Chong had developed two human vaccines, ProHibit against H. influenzae type b and the component pertussis vaccine, and also took a synthetic peptide-based HIV vaccine to phase I clinical trials in 1994. In June 2000, Dr. Chong joined United Biomedical, Inc. (UBI) as the Vice President and assisted to develop a peptide-based Foot-Mouth Disease vaccine. In 2003, Dr. Chong joined National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) to set up a newly created Vaccine Center for Research and Development. Dr. Chong has authored over 80 original research articles and over 40 patents grants.

Research Interest

Dr. Chong interests are vaccinology, controlled-release drug formulation and delivery systems, rational design of immunotherapeutic and protein structure and functions. His current research and product development are avian flu inactivated vaccine, enterovirus 71 inactivated vaccines, meningococcal group B subunit vaccine, dengue subunit vaccine and CTL epitopes based HPV vaccines. Dr. Chong旧 laboratory is also currently developing (1) Asian specific reagents for monitoring human cellular immune responses to vaccines, (2) universal carrier proteins for glycoconjugations, and (3) viral vectors for mucosal vaccine delivery.

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