Agri Ibrahim Cecen University

Agri Ibrahim Cecen University is a public higher educational institution located in Agrı, Eastern Anatolia in Turkey. It was formerly the Faculty of Education linked to the Atatürk University of Erzurum. In 2007, the facility was developed to a university named Ağrı Dağı University (Turkish for Mt. Ararat University). The university was later renamed following a protocol signed between the government and a local businessman and philanthropist İbrahim Çeçen. The Agri Ibrahim Cecen University was established without having a foundation university identity by İbrahim Çeçen with the necessary infrastructure for modern education, including all scientific, social, cultural and environmental equipment and was consigned to our state. Agrı Ibrahim Ceçen University, which is entirely a donation to the state, began to give education in 2009-2010 school year and currently has 7467 students, 275 academicians, 173 administrative personnel, 49 departments and 76 main departments.

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