Murat Senturk, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Pharmaceutical
Agri Ibrahim Cecen University

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Dr. Murat Senturk obtained a Baccalaureate a degree in Chemistry in 2002, a Master degree in Biochemistry in 2006 and a Doctorate degree in Biochemistry in 2009 from Atatürk University, Turkey. Dr. Senturk currently works as an Associate Professor of Biochemistry in Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Art, Agri Ibrahim Cecen University, Turkey. Dr. Senturk published over ninety scientific papers, review and book chapters and presented several conferences to scientists. His research interests span enzyme inhibitor or activator, protein expression, purification and characterization, drug design and synthesis, toxicology and pharmacology. His research work has focused on antioxidant and metabolic enzyme systems. Dr. Senturk serves as the Editorial Board of several international journals.

Research Interest

His research interests are Drug design and synthesis, Animal and human physiology, Medical application of natural molecules, Nanobiotechnology applications, Green Chemisrty, Enzyme Kinetic, Toxicology, Cancer Biochemistry.