Da-Yeh University

Da-Yeh University (DYU) was founded in March 1990 according to the feature of educational establishment of German industrial universities. The educational philosophy of Da-Yeh University rests on the initiatives of equal emphasis on theory and practicality, humanity and technology. Apprenticeship and collaboration between academic and industry are the two means to accomplish the goals of cultivation of professionals with creativity and quality.

DYU performs well in academic research perspective in recent years. According to the statistics of frequency on ESI papers in Taiwan, papers from the College of Engineering are quoted as many times as top 1% of the world. WOS statistics on papers also indicate the great research potential in the areas of Mechanics, Agriculture, Materials, Biology and Immunology at DYU.

DYU specially set up dural-instructor courses that combine professionals in the field and DYU instructors to provide the best knowledge and hands-on experience to the students.

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