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Editorial Board Members: Steve Weiss
Officier, French Legion of Honor
Kings College London, UK

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Dr. Stephen J Weiss, Officier, French Legion of Honor, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Kings College London. (Goddard College, MA 1976; King’s College War Studies, MA 1990, PhD 1995), born in Brooklyn, 1925m  was 18 when he landed in the south of France on D-Day, 15 August, 1944, from Italy, as part of the Allied Operation, 'Dragoon'. Cut off from his unit during a night attack near Valence, and listed as Missing In Action, he linked up with French resistance fighters and American OSS special forces, as one of a minority of soldiers who survived many months of combat without serious physical wounds. Persistent personal mental wounding was another matter. His production work at CBS-Network T.V. & CFI Hollywood, and  training later as a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, 1968-1989, gave him a greater understanding of the psychology of warfare. Dr Weiss states, ‘My generation is disappearing at an accelerated rate, and I, with all humility, remain, almost alone, to present and explain the life of the combat soldier. I believe that after a lifetime of researching and writing, a realistic story of “the fighting man” has emerged. Published were 'Allies In Conflict', 1995 & 'Second Chance', 2010.

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World War Two Psychology of the Fighting Man The Soldier and Military Psychiatry Experience of War Reality and Mythology of War Hollywood at War Leadership Qualities 

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