Hongbiao Dong, PhD

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Department of Engineering,
University of Leicester, UK

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Prof Hongbiao Dong is internationally renowned for his work in metal processing. He is a Professor of Materials Engineering at the University of Leicester, Research Chair of Royal Academy of Engineering, Director of EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Innovative Metal Processing (impact.ac.uk). He successfully led a major EU-FP7 project on modelling of metal processing. He is a Key Reader for MMTA, Chair of Engineering Group of ISIS User Committee and the Steering Committee of EuMaT, a recipient of the Metrology for World Class Manufacturing award and a Royal Society Industry Fellow at Rolls-Royce Precision Casting Facility. The research in Prof Dong’s team aims to bring knowledge-inspired decision making to the production routes of high value-added components, such as single crystal aero-engine turbine components, deep-sea oil and gas transport systems. He has expertise in experiential and modelling study of structure evolution and defect formation during casting and welding, a leading figure in manufacturing informatics. His experimental expertise includes industrial scale casting, welding, and the application of synchrotron and neutron diffraction/imaging of structure and stress during metal process; his modelling expertise ranges from atomistic-scale materials modelling to macro-scale casting and welding prediction. Prof. Dong has collaborated extensively with industry, working with Rolls-Royce, Tata Steel, TWI Ltd, NPL and Doncasters. Current projects focus on single crystal casting, additive manufacturing of high temperature materials (intermetallics), welding and heat treatment of deep sea gas and oil transportation system.

Research Interest

Solidification and its application in casting, welding and additive manufacturing.

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