Maurizio Vedani, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Mechanics Via G. La Masa,
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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Maurizio Vedani is full professor of Metallurgy at Politecnico di Milano. He is chief of the Material Section a Department of Mechanical Engineering. The main subjects of his scientific activity concern research on microstructure and mechanical behaviour during manufacturing and service of several metals and metallic alloys, ranging from structural steels (microalloyed steels, spring steels, stainless steels) to non-ferrous alloys such as aluminium alloys, metal matrix composites, titanium and magnesium alloys. He authored or co-authored more than 230 scientific papers. Specific subjects of the research of activity in recent years are ultrafine grained metal alloys produced by various severe plastic deformation methods, degradable Magnesium and Zinc alloys for biomedical applications, novel alloys for additive manufacturing.

Research Interest

Metallurgy of light alloys;plastic deformation of steels and non-ferous metals; thermomechanical and surface treatments of metals.