Wiesław Stręk, DSc, PhD

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Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research
Polish Academy of Sciences in Wrocław, Poland

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Prof. Wiesław Stręk, graduated in physics from the Adam Mickiewicz University in 1971. Since 1971 he has been working at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, PAS, in Wrocław. He was awarded the PhD degree in 1979. He heads the Institute’s Departament of Spectroscopy of Excited States which researches luminescent materials, nonlinear optics, biophysics, sol gel technology and nanotechnology. He has authored or co-authored over 400 publications (over 3000 quotes, Hirsh index Hirscha-23), 15 patents and patent applications. He has pursued many scientific internships in Denmark, France, Germany, Finland, Brazil, USA, Israel. He lectured at numerous Polish and international conferences (over 100 lectures) and has acted as a visiting professor (Israel, Denmark, France, Brazil). He has organized and co-organized many (over 30) Polish and international conferences, e.g. Rare Earth Spectroscopy, Excited States of Transition Elements, Intl Conf. on f-Elements, Intl Workshop Structure&Spectroscopy of Rare Earths, Conference on Luminescence, So-Gel Materials, Rare Earth Materials. He has advised on 7 PhD theses.

Research Interest

The scope of his research activities encompasses optical properties of rare earth compounds and transition metals, electron relaxation theory (radiative, non-radial transitions, cooperative reactions), laser spectroscopy, optical sensor and biosensors, laser materials, photodynamic therapy, technologies of luminescent materials (nanophosphors), transparent ceramics, porous thermoinsulation materials, nanoceramic materials for fuel cells, criotherapy, Rare earth ions and transition metal ions doped solgel materials, photonic structures, nanomaterials, nanoceramics and crystals. 

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