Ajay Kumar Ray, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
The University of Western Ontario

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Professor Ajay K. Ray, Chair of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department at Western University, has made seminal research contributions in industrial process modeling and optimization; development of solar photocatalysis; and advancement of simulated moving bed technology for reactive separation. Dr. Ray has contributed to enhance engineering knowledge by devising innovative approaches to enhance process performance for applications in energy, environment, food and health, the key challenges facing the world. Dr. Ray is a prolific author, having written a text book on Engineering Mathematics and over 150 research articles in archival journals. The impact of his work is evident from high h-index and citations received. He has mentored over 50 graduate students. He is member of the editorial board of journals, recipient of the Research, Teaching and Faculty Scholars award, CrayQuest award, Distinguished Speakers award, and Distinguished Alumni award from Calcutta University.

Research Interest

General Research Area:   Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Process Systems Engineering    Specific Research Keywords: Simulated Moving Bed Systems for Impossible Separations, Integrated ReactorSeparator, Separative Reactors, Hybrid SMB‐Crystallization,  Band‐Engineered  Solar  Photocatalysis,  Dye  sensitized photocatalysis, Circulating Fluidized Bed Systems,Optimum Design of Polymer Reactors, Large‐scale  2  Photocatalytic Reactor Design for Water Purification, Clean Hydrogen by Water Splitting based on Solar Photocatalysis, Oscillatory Reactor, Design of  Photo‐Bio Reactor,Protein Refolding, Biodiesel from Microalgae,  Disinfection of Opaque (Low UVT) Fluids, Multi‐Functional Reactors. 

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