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Department of Biotechnology
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

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Dr.Chandra TS presently working as a Professor in the Deaprtment of Biotechnology at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai India. She has got many academic and Professional related awards from national and international research institutes . In 2008 she was honored by Indo-US INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH PROFESSORSHIP of the American Society for Microbiology and IUSSTP for visit to prestigious Harvard University , Dept of Biology , Cambridge MA, USA with Dr Girguis for 2 weeks in area of microbial fuel cells performance .In 1998 LOUIS PASTEUR TRIENNIAL AWARD BY THE ASSOCIATION OF MICROBIOLOGISTS OF INDIA for Outstanding Contributions in Microbiology and Fermentation Technology.Since 1984 the NCERT Hindi Textbook for 8th std carries an article about Dr. Chandra TS titled Aparajitha written by the Famous Hindi writer Shivani on her achievements despite disability and family support as an inspirational article for children.  

Research Interest

Biotechnology for food,feed and fuel Riboflavin enriched animal feed supplement , rib gene expression ,lipase and membrane fluidity changes by fluorescent probes in ascomycetes fungi. Nutraceuticals , phenolic antioxidant activity ,wound healing and anti-glycaemic effects in millet diet. Molecular Microbial Diversity in compost ,vermicompost of sugar industry wastes (pressmud, bagasse ,trash etc) Low temperature biogasification , psychrotrophic microbes and cold-tolerant industrial enzymes (xylanases , cellulose , B-galactosidase etc).

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