Mark King, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Sports Biomechanics
Loughborough University, UK

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Dr. King is a Reader in Sports Biomechanics at Loughborough University, UK specialising in using subject-specific computer simulation models to understand optimum performance in sport. Dr King is the current chair of International Society of Biomechanics Technical Group on Computer Simulation and has worked with the England and Wales Cricket Board for the last 10 years primarily investigating optimal performance in fast bowling. Dr King has interests in the following areas linked to investigating optimum performance in sport using computer simulation; generating maximal voluntary isovelocity torque, dynamic jumps for height and distance, racket sports and fast bowling in cricket.

Research Interest

Mark's main research interests revolve around optimal performance and the factors that limit optimal performance in sport, with particular interests in racket sports,cricket and dynamic jumping movements. Mark uses both experimental and theoretical methods to investigate optimal performance. Mark has identified the key technique factors that affect optimum performance in a variety of sports. One of Mark’s key research methodologies is developing subject-specific computer simulation models in order to understand the dynamics of human movement. Fundamental to this are the methods developed for determining subject-specific strength parameters and he continues to research in this area.