Julien S Baker, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Applied Physiology
University of the West of Scotland, UK

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Professor Julien Baker has investigated the mechanical and pharmacological aspects of strength and power. This work has identified serious errors in the measurement of power using the Monark cycle ergometer and is emphasising the need for a new and more accurate approach to this challenge. The influence of the work conducted by Professor Baker and his colleagues which identified the need to account for fat-free mass and the significant involvement of the arms in the ergometric assessment of power, work output and efficiency, has been substantial. These findings have outlined the considerable differences in haematological, hormonal and biochemical changes in acute and long term exercise when the correct morphological and physiological considerations are considered. In recognition of his research achievements, Professor Baker has been appointed to the editorial board of several UK and international journals and is a former Director of Research for the Welsh Institute of Sport, Health and Exercise Science. Professor Baker and colleagues have investigated anabolic steroid users who were supplementing their androgen regimen with insulin and growth hormone. They also identified a large number of recreational gym users who use pharmacological substances. Professor Baker is a member of the Physiological societies of Britain and USA.

Research Interest

Research interests of Professor Baker include Cardiovascular disease in children, Pro-biotics and immune function, Hormonal influences on strength development, High Intensity exercise training as a prophylactic in the management of disease, High intensity exercise, metabolic implications.