Timothy McGarry, PhD

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University of New Brunswick, Canada

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Dr. Timothy McGarry graduated with a Bachelor of Science honours degree (Sports Science) from Liverpool John Moores University (formerly Liverpool Polytechnic) before completing a Master of Science degree (Computer Science) at Bradford University. Following a two year hiatus from academe Dr. Timothy attended the University of British Columbia to resume my earlier research in sports performance. Dr. Timothy consequently graduated with a Master of Physical Education degree before undertaking further study at the same institution. The field of enquiry for his Ph.D. changed tack to centre on the control of action (i.e., motor control) in general and on the stopping of an unfolding action (i.e., inhibitory motor control) in particular. Following Ph.D he assumed a research post at San Francisco State University for one year before accepting a faculty appointment at the University of New Brunswick.  

Research Interest

Dr. Timothy's research include Motor control: brain, behaviour, muscle, excitatory-inhibitory control, on-line control, reaction time, kinematics, electromyogram; Sports performance: system analysis, dynamics, pattern detection, decision-making, strategies, tactics.