Dr. Prabha M, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Biotechnology
Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Bengaluru, India

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I am working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Biotechnology at Ramaiah Institute of Technology-Bengaluru, India. Nearly having Seventeen years experience in the field of research and a passion for driving new results to contribute to the field of Medical Neuroscience, Biochemistry and Biotechnology and nine years of Teaching experience in various subjects of Biotechnology mainly Medical Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering/rDNA Technology, Protein engineering, Human physiology, Biochemistry and Enzyme Technology. Recognized as highly motivated team player with a mature and positive attitude and an inclination towards learning new concepts and methodologies. Accumulation of knowledge & skills being associated with NIMHANS, Central College, Bangalore University, NCBS, IISc, and Ramaiah Institute of Technology-Bangalore.

Research Interest

Cellular /Molecular Neurochemistry and Medical Neuroscience Protein Modulation and role of Hydrolytic enzymes/modulators in Regulation of Astrocytes/ Neuronal function Brain tumors and Neurodegenerative disorders. Alzheimer’s disease          Protein engineering, Neural stem cells and Molecular medicine

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