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Jorge Morales-Montor

Jorge Morales-Montor

Jorge Morales-Montor, PhD

Department of Immunology

National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico



Dr. Jorge Morales Montor attended the studies of Biology at UNAM, graduating in 1992. He received the degree of Doctor in October 1997. In November 1997, he began a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Cellular Biology at the University of Georgia, in the laboratory of Dr. Raymond T. Damian. He was repatriated to Mexico in 2001 by CONACYT and joined the Department of Immunology at the Institute of Biomedical Research. His research is characterized by an extensive and thorough experimental work and scientific production now totals 106 articles published in international high impact journals such as Nature, PlosOne, Journal of Immunology, and Journal of Infectious Diseases, among others. His brilliant career has earned more than 20 awards, including the German Miguel Award Váldez in Area Health 2006 Distinction National University for Young Scholars in the Research in Natural Sciences 2006, CANIFARMA Veterinarian 2007 and 2009 Award in the the area of Basic Research Award, and Heberto Castillo Martinez Capital City 2009 Award for Young Scholars in Latin America in Basic Research, and 3 consecutive "Dr. José Eleuterio González "the best research in the XXVI National Congress of Research in Medicine, to mention just some of their achievements. It has also been awarded many honours, such as admission to the Mexican Academy of Sciences (2005), and being one of the few Mexican scientists to be led to the Academy of Sciences of Latin America (2008), deserved recognition for its academic quality and trajectory. He has called and directed more than 20 students of BA, 2 Master and 11 PhD, and has directed more than 30 students of Social Service, and research stays in his laboratory. His academic leadership is reflected in the trust and respect their peers confer, having been President of the Mexican Society of Parasitology (one of the oldest and most prestigious scientific societies in the country) and currently being President and a founding member of the Mexican society of Neuro-inmunoendocrinologia.

Research Interest

Dr. Jorge Morales Montor research interests include: Integration Neuroinmunoendocrina in disease.


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