Massimo Ciccozzi

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Massimo Ciccozzi, PhD
Department of Infectious Parasitic and Immunomediated Diseases
University of Biomedical Campus in Rome, Italy

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Dr. Massimo Ciccozzi is an Associate professor in Epidemiology and Statistic University of Biomedical Campus in Rome and Researcher in epidemiology, bio statistics and viruses evolution at Italian National Institute of Health (Department of Infection Diseases) Rome Italy. He is a WHO expert consultant for Serbia and Montenegro for planning and organising second generation HIV surveillance systems, Italian Expert consultant for surveillance systems and molecular epidemiological studies in China and Expert consultant in epidemiology in Montenegro. He is the Director and teacher in several courses in Epidemiology, Bio statistics, Phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis in Italian and Foreigner University and Author of more than 180 publications. Dr. Massimo Ciccozzi research is mainly focused on epidemiology, bio statistics and viruses’ evolution, epidemiology and surveillance systems, molecular epidemiology and phylogeny on HIV, evolutionary studies on SARS and Avian Flu.

Research Interest

Dr. Massimo Ciccozzi research interests include epidemiology, biostatistics and viruses’ evolution epidemiology and surveillance systems molecular epidemiology and phylogeny on HIV evolutionary studies on SARS and Avian Flu

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