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Sherryl Scott Heller

Sherryl Scott Heller

Sherryl Scott Heller, PhD
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
Tulane University,



Sherryl Scott Heller, Ph.D, an applied developmental psychologist, is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Tulane University School of Medicine. She received her graduation, Masters and Doctorate from University of New Orleans. Dr. Heller has long-standing clinical and research interests in the effects of maltreatment on child development; the development of attachment and attachment disturbances in very young children; child care; gender development and disturbances; the effects of violence on child development; perinatal loss, and reflective supervision. She is currently a senior mental health consultant on a statewide initiative focused on improving the quality of child care centers through the development of a quality rating system and mental health consultation services for child care programs throughout the state. She provides early childhood mental health consultation to kindergarten programs at charter schools in the greater the New Orleans Area through partnerships with Seamless Transitions, New Orleans Outreach and Agenda for Children and also provides consultation and trainings in early childhood mental health consultation and reflective supervision and the Crowell procedure. She also leads trainings on the administration and coding of the Crowell parent child interaction procedure; a procedure used as a method of observing caregiver-child interactions in a clinical setting. She co-edited a book on Reflective Supervision.

Research Interest

Reflective supervision, Effects of maltreatment on child development, Developemental psychology, Perinatal loss, Outcomes in pediatric and adult liver transplantation and kidney transplantation, Pediatric liver tumors, and Viral infections post-op transplantation in pediatric patients


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