Amnon Kohen PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Chemistry
University of Iowa, USA

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Dr. Amnon Kohen completed his B.Sc in Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel (1989) later D.Sc in Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (1994)He completed his Postdoctoral Research in University of California at Berkeley (1995-1999). He had more than 150 publications in the field

Research Interest

Enzymes those are important in many biological processes such as de novo DNA synthesis. Many antibiotic and chemotherapeutic drugs target these enzymes. Developing experimental methods to investigate the role of protein motions and quantum mechanics in enzyme catalyzed reactions. Molecular mechanisms of the recently discovered enzymes as attractive targets for novel antibiotic drugs. Clinical applications of enzyme mechanisms, such as development of new P.E.T. imaging probes based on in vivo enzyme activities.