Aparna A Labroo, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Division of Management,
Northwestern University, USA

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Dr. Labroo is a Consumer Psychologist who joined Kellogg as Professor of Marketing in 2013. Her research investigates how people can be nudged into taking actions beneficial to them and to society in the long run.She also received many Awards & Grants such as Deans Award for Research Excellence, Deans Award for Teaching Excellence. She also attended many Conferences & Proceedings Annual Conference of the Association for Consumer Research (2011), Annual Conference of the Society for Consumer Psychology (2010).

Research Interest

 Aparna A Labroo research focuses on consumer choices that engage self-control or involve trade-offs between immediate pleasure and long-term benefits. Her investigate ways to encourage self-regulation and healthy choices among consumers. She also investigate how to promote pro-social actions including charitable giving, creativity and cognitive performance among consumers. In these contexts, she investigate how feelings (those that arise outside of the decision process, those that arise from the decision process itself, or sensory-motor physiological experiences) can play a functional role in helping people accomplish their long-term goals.