Natalja Fjodorova, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Chemoinformatics
National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Dr. Natalja Fjodorova graduated from the St-Petersburg University of Technology and Design (Russia, St-Petersburg) in 1980. She obtained here PhD degree in Department of Chemistry in 1992. Since 2006 she is working in National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana Slovenia in Department of Chemo Informatics (CHI). Her research work is related to Computational Chemistry, Quantitative Structure Activity (Property) Relationships (QSA(P)R), Structure Activity Relationships (SAR), Neural Network Modeling, Chemoinformatics, Chemical Descriptors, Quantum-mechanical Descriptors, Carcinogenicity, Mutagenicity, Toxicology, Chemical Risk Assessment, Chemical Regulation, Nanotoxicology.

Research Interest

Computational Chemistry Chemoinformatics Chemical Regulation Nanotoxicology Carcinogenicity