Sangchoon Jeon, PhD

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Research Scientist
Yale School of Nursing
Yale University, USA

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Dr. Sangchoon Jeon is a research scientist who has served as a biostatistician to provide statistical expertise at the Yale School of Nursing (YSN). He received his master’s degree in statistics and PhD in epidemiology from Michigan State University. Prior to joining YSN, Jeon worked for six years as a research assistant in the Family Care Research Program in Cancer. He has engaged in data reduction and analysis, participated in manuscript writing, and functioned as an active participant on a multi-disciplinary team engaged in numerous studies and three large multi-site RCT’s. He has collaborated with YSN faculty on multiple funded research projects, has conducted statistical analyses, and provided statistical support for other projects. Primarily, Jeon has actively participated in evaluating cognitive behavioral interventions for adolescents with diabetes, sleep disturbance in heart failure patients, symptom management in cancer patients, and an exercise intervention for breast cancer survivors. Jeon is currently participating as biostatistician on the method core for the Yale Center for Sleep Disturbance in Acute and Chronic Illness.

Research Interest

Dr. Jeon is interested in evaluating longitudinal change in multiple symptoms and identifying symptom cluster using longitudinal models and latent variable analysis. His research interests have extended to develop statistical methods of evaluating time-series data including, 1) statistical approaches for evaluating noise data to assess the associations between nighttime noise pollution and sleep disturbance in ICU, and 2) the application of survival curve models and Markov model for assessing sleep fragments and concordance between actigraphic and polysomnographic measurements of sleep and wake.

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