Sara E. Rosenbaum

Editorial Board Member

College of Pharmacy
University of Rhode Island, USA

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Dr. Sara Rosenbaum is Professor of Pharmacokinetics at the University of Rhode Island and is involved in teaching and research in the broad area of clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. She is interested in applying modeling and simulation of drug response data as tools to more fully understand the time course and intensity of drug effects in man. She is interested in applying these methods in research to obtain a greater understanding of a drug’s properties in different populations. She also develops interactive pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models to demonstrate fundamental drug properties. Sara Rosenbaum has recently published a book, Basic Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: An Integrated Textbook with Computer Simulations, which provides a comprehensive account of essential pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic concepts. The textbook also incorporates interactive pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic simulation models to allow students to visualize important principles and experiment with the design of drug dosing regimens.

Research Interest

The population approach to modeling and NONMEM are used to develop structural and statistical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models. Patient demographics are probed as potential covariates for pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic parameters. The objective of the research is to identify patient characteristics that result in altered pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic parameters and to allow optimum drug doses to be identified in diverse patient groups. The research has involved drugs from many different therapeutic areas.