Teymuraz Abbasov, PhD

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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Inonu University, Turkey

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Teymuraz ABBASOV was bone in Agdam, Azerbaijan, in 1958. He received his BSc. and MSc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Moscow Technical University (MAMI), Moscow in 1981 and his PhD. degree in Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetic Technology from National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan in 1991. His main research interests are mathematical modelling of electromagnetic field and wave, magnetic separation and filtration processes, numerical modelling of magnetohydrodynamics and nonlinear electrical circuits, bioelectromagnetics sensors and actuators, MEMS, electromagnetic wave measurement and modelling, magnetorheological and magnetic fluids theory and applications, magnetophoresis problems in nano and microfluidic systems. He is doing researches in interdisciplinary fields such as the electromagnetic field effects on fluid mechanics, rheology, heat, mass transfer and turbulence processes in dispersion systems. ABBASOV has published several papers in the refereed journals and the local and international conferences. He has published book on theory and industrial applications of electromagnetic filtration. He is currently a visiting professor at the Electrical - Electronics Engineering Faculty in Inonu University, Malatya, Turkey.

Research Interest

Electromagnetic Fields and Technological Applications Magnetic fluids and magnetohydrodynamic Applications in Medicine and Biology Electromagnetic Field Microelectronic machinery and systems (MEMS) Nanotechnology and microfluidic systems Electromagnetic Separation and Filtration