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Elena Vassileva

Elena Vassileva

J.K. Kallitsis, PhD
Department of Chemistry,
Sofia University, Bulgaria



Dr. Elena Vassileva teaches in the Department of Chemistry at the Sofia University. His current research focuses on field of polymers in drug delivery, polymer based bone implants and dental materials as well as non-fouling polymeric materials. Moreover, Dr. Vassileva has interest in polymer nanocomposites and nanostructured polymeric materials. She is author of more than forty peer reviewed publications.

Research Interest

Dr. Elena Vassileva 's research interests include:

  • Polymers in drug delivery
  • Polymer-based nanocomposites.
  • Polymer networks and hydrogels
  • Polymer based materials for bone restoration and dental applications
  • Biodegradable polymers and polymeric materials
  • Biopolymers
  • Polymeric micro and nanogels
  • Smart polymer based materials


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