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J.K. Kallitsis

J.K. Kallitsis

J.K. Kallitsis, PhD
Department of Chemistry,
University of Patras, Greece



Dr. J.K.Kallitsis teaches in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Patras. His current research focuses on field of advanced polymer synthesis and characterization, as well as polymer based nanomaterials. Dr. J.K. Kallitsis has been National Representative in IUPAC, Polymer Division IV (2005-2009) and Board Member in European Polymer Federation (2010-2012). He has published more than 185 papers in refereed international journals and 15 International and Greek patents.

Research Interest

Dr.J.K. Kallitsis 's research interests include:

  • Development of polymeric membranes for energy related application
  • Development of new polymeric and hybrid optoelectronic materials for organic photovoltaics.
  • Preparation of biocidal copolymers with antimicrobial or antifouling properties
  • Modification of carbon nanotubes with the semiconducting polymers
  • Development of light emitting polymers with controllable light emission


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