Donald R Paul, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Chemical Engineering,
The University of Texas at Austin, USA

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Dr. Donald R. Paul received his M.S. & Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from University of Wisconsin. He has published over 700 peer-reviewed papers and edited 10 books on important polymer topics.  In round numbers his citations total about 40,000.  He has been named a distinguished graduate of NC State University and the University of Wisconsin and he has teaching and research awards from UT, AIChE, ACS, and SPE plus being named a Fellow of AIChE, ACS (and by two divisions), SPE and NAMS. He was elected to NAE, and the Academy of Sciences of Mexico and of Bologna. He serves on 13 Editorial Advisory Boards and established a new ACS journal and edited it for 7 years.  He chaired this department for 8 years, founded TMI and was its Director, he helped establish TAMEST and served as its President in 2006.

Research Interest

Interests include the broad areas of polymer science and engineering and chemical engineering.  Current research involves various aspects of polymeric materials including polymer blends; membranes for separations, drug delivery, packaging, etc.; and polymer processing.  The blend research deals with the thermodynamics of polymer-polymer interactions (miscibility, phase diagrams, interfaces), reactive compatibilization of multiphase mixtures, rubber toughening, the control of phase morphology during processing by both chemical and physical means, and polymeric nanocomposites.  The research on diffusion in polymers involves investigation of structure-property relationships to design better membranes for separation processes and improved barrier materials plus an interest in theories and models for describing sorption and permeation of small molecule (or ion) penetrants in polymers including the rubbery, glassy, semi-crystalline, and liquid crystalline states of these materials.  The research on nanocomposites involves devising chemical and processing strategies for exfoliating layered silicates in polymer matrices for improvement of performance using nanoscale reinforcement.  Synthesis, characterization, and performance of polymers are an integral part of the research in all these areas.

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