Richard Guan, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Chemistry
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

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Richard (Xiyun) Guan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the Illinois Institute of Technology, USA. The recent research focus of his group is to develop graphene oxide – based sensors and nanopore technique for various applications in biotechnology at the single molecule level. He is especially interested in the development of biosensors for bio-terrorist/bio-defense chemicals, environmental pollutants, toxins, DNA and protein molecules.

Research Interest

Development of nanopore single-molecule detection technique for applications in biotechnology;                           - Biomarker detection                           - DNA methylation mapping                           - Biosensor design                           - Molecular transport Drug discovery and controlled drug delivery Biomaterial development for use in sensors and drug delivery Direct and in-situ environmental monitoring and medical diagnosis Non-covalent bonding interactions.