Dr. N. J. Shetty

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N. J. Shetty
Centre for Applied Genetics and Department of Zoology
Bangalore University, India

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Dr N. J. Shetty was formerly Chairman of the Department of Zoology and Director of Centre for Applied Genetics, Bangalore University. Currently, he is working as an Emeritus Professor at the Centre for Applied Genetics. Recipient of several prestigious International Fellowships to carry out research abroad: Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship to work in Institute of Genetics, University of Mainz, Germany; ‘Exchange of younger scientist between UK and India’ to work in London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, Visiting scientist sponsored by WHO to work at Insect Affecting Man and Animals Research Laboratory, USDA, Gainesville, USA; Senior Full bright Fellowship to work at Dept. of Biology in Rutgers University, USA; WHO fellowship to work at National Institute of Health (NIH), Laboratory of Malaria Research, Maryland, USA. Visiting Professor, Department of Biology, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA; Department of Experimental Cancer Biology, Fachklinik Hornheide, University of Munster, Germany; Department of Plant Protection and Applied Zoology, Leibeg University, Germany; Department of Human Parasitology and Tropical Medicine, University of Tubingen, Germany; International Centre for Tropical Diseases, Hamburg, Germany. Visited various Universities and Research Institutes in Russia, United Kingdom (U.K.), Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Islamic Republic of Iran, Canada, United States of America and Brazil, Barbados, West Indies, etc. He has received several research grants from National and International agencies. These include World Health Organization, Geneva; Indian Council for Medical Research; Ministry of Environment and Wild Life, Govt. of India; Department of Science and Technology; Indian National Science Academy, University Grants Commission; All Indian Council for Technical Education; BRNS-DAE, BARC; Co-ordinator: UGC-DSA and ASSISTS programme in Zoology Dept. He guided 20 PhDs and several M. Phil degrees in Zoology and Applied Genetics and published 102 research papers both in International and National Journals. Attended about 30 international and national conferences and delivered invited plenary lectures. He has been instrumental in organizing as many as twenty conferences, seminars, workshop, symposium, from time to time. Serving in the editorial board and research paper reviewer in several international journals. He has introduced innovative programmes like M. Sc, M. Phil and PhD programmes in Applied Genetics and Genetics as one of the co-agnate subjects at the B. Sc level of various colleges affiliated to Bangalore University.

Research Interest

Genetics and Cytogenetics of Mosquito vectors of Disease; Radiation Genetics; Genetics, Cytogenetics and Biochemical studies of Insecticide resistance in mosquito vectors; Genetic control of mosquitoes using multiple male-linked translocations; Genetic sexing strains for a preferential elimination of females (SIT Programme); Refractory strains through population replacement.

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