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Ronald A Reminick

Ronald A Reminick

Ronald A Reminick, PhD
Department of Anthropology
Cleveland State University, USA



Dr. Ron Reminick, a psychological anthropologist, earned the Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1973. He has been studying about and researching in Ethiopia for the last 40 years. His original fieldwork in Ethiopia (late 1960’s) focused on gender identity and ritual symbolism. Two consecutive Fulbright grants in the mid-90’s allowed him to contribute to the establishment of a Master’s Programme in Anthropology at Addis Ababa University and advise 6 ethnographic Master’s researches. During this time he also conducted 4 major research projects with the valuable help of his students. In 2005 a Senior Scholar’s Fulbright Grant allowed Dr. Reminick to travel to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, Cleveland’s “Sister City”, where he attempted to establish a social sciences curriculum at Bahir Dar University. Complex problems stifled that aspect of the project but a fruitful series of lectures and workshops on research methods, proposal writing, and grant-seeking promoted a good deal of on-going interactions with faculty and a few students. Also, a gender identity transformation project was begun with women students. At present Dr. Ron is opening up research on tribal healers of the Western Ghats of southern India. The general focus involves cosmology and intention. He is working with three colleagues at Cleveland State University’s Center on Healing Across Cultures. Together they are developing a cross-cultural study of traditional healing in South India, Belize, Ethiopia, and North American Appalachia.

Research Interest

  • Psychological anthropology
  • Ethiopian culture and history
  • Gender studies and human sexuality
  • Traditional cosmologies and healing
  • African-American culture
  • Gerontology
  • Maintenance of vitality and longevity in the modern world.


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