Morton A Lieberman, PhD

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Department of Psychiatry
University of California, USA

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Morton A. Lieberman PhD is EMERITUS Professor of Psychology, University of California, San Francisco Throughout his career he has focused on two central areas, the study of adult development and the investigation of change induction groups. He joined the University of Chicago faculty in1957 and remained a faculty member there until 1983. His books include: Psychotherapy Through the Group Process,1964; Arab and Jew in Israel: A case study in a human relations approach to conflict, 1969; Encounter Groups: First Facts ,1973; Last Home for the Aged: Institutionalization Effects andTheir Cause, 1976; Self-HelpGroups for Coping with Crises: Origins, Members, Processes and Impact,1979; The Experience of Old Age: Stress,Coping, and Survival, 1983and Doors Lieberman, Morton A. Doors Closed, Doors Opened; Widowhood, Grief and Growth,1996.In addition he has published over152 original research publications. During his 50 years on the faculty of both instutions he chaired appoximately 50 PhD dissertaions. Many of his former students had stellar academic careers. Dr. Lieberman is still conducting research on the use of the Internet for helping people who have major illness challenges. He retired from UCSF in 2006.

Research Interest

Aging Families Social Psychiatry Group therapy Adult development Stress and survival