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Lucia M Vaina

Lucia M Vaina

Lucia M. Vaina, PHD
Brain and Vision Research laboartory,
Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Neurology and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience 
Boston University, USA



Lucia-Maria Vaina combines psychophysics, multimodal neuroimaging (fMRI and MEG), and computational modeling to study plasticity and the spatiotemporal orchestration of the visually eloquent system in humans. She trained first in mathematics&applied mathematics, and received her first PhD from the Sorbonne, in 1977, she underwent postdoctoral training at Berkeley (with Lotfi Zadeh) , Stanford (with Patrick Suppes) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (with Marvin Minsky), before getting her MDPhD at the University of Toulouse, and training in neurology at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston under Norman Geshwind and at the Boston VA under Harold Goodglass. Dr. Vaina is currently Professor of Neurology, Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience at Boston University and on the faculty faculty at Harvard Medical School, Departments of Neurology&Radiology. She is Director of Brain and Vision Laboratory (BRAVI) ( at Boston University and co-director of the Neurology of Vision Laboratory (NOVI) at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard medical School.She worked at New England Rehabilitation Hospital, Young Stroke Unit and Brain Injury Unit , until 1997 when she moved to Massachusetts General Hospital-Neurology Department & Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. She has served as expert witness defending Brain Injury patients with acquired cognitive and perceptual deficits.

Research Interest

Lucia-Maria Vaina's research interest are in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of perceptual and cognitive deficits caused by stroke and traumatic brain injury.


Brain Lesions: To Biopsy or Not To Biopsy. A Single Institution Experience
Research Article:  J Neurosci Clin Res 2016, 1:1
doi: 10.4172/jnscr.1000101
Gabriel MA, John LA, Christie LM, Albert FJ, Ruby ABG
Abstract  |   Full-text  |   PDF  |  
Reduction in Forebrain Parenchymal and Cortical Grey Matter Swelling across Treatment Groups in Patients with Inflammatory Illness Acquired Following Exposure to Water-Damaged Buildings
Research Article:  J Neurosci Clin Res 2016, 1:1
doi: 10.4172/jnscr.1000102
McMahon SW, Shoemaker RC and Ryan JC
Abstract  |   Full-text  |   PDF  |  
Predictors of Outcome in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Research Article:  J Neurosci Clin Res 2016, 1:1
doi: 10.4172/jnscr.1000103
Leonidas Grigorakos, Anastasia Alexopoulou, Katerina Tzortzopoulou, Stamatοula Stratouli, Despoina Chroni, Eleni Papadaki, Ioannis Alamanos and Nikolaos Sakellaridis
Abstract  |   Full-text  |   PDF  |  
Using Eye-Tracking as Support for the TEACCH Program and Two Teenagers with Autism-Spectrum Disorders..
Case Report:   J Neurosci Clin Res 2016, 1:1
doi: 10.4172/jnscr.1000104
Fabienne Giuliani
Abstract  |   Full-text  |   PDF  |  
The Effect Of Anti-Epileptic Drugs On Visual Evoked Potential In Patients With Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures: A Prospective Case-Controlled Study
Research Article:  J Neurosci Clin Res 2016, 1:1
doi: 10.4172/jnscr.1000105
Alshareef Aysha and Dandachi Nadia
Abstract  |   Full-text  |   PDF  |  
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