Ephraim Suhir, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Engineering & Computer Science
Portland State University, USA

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Ephraim Suhir has completed Ph.D from Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. He has done MS from Department of Naval Architecture, Polytechnic Institute, Odessa, Ukraine. He has total of 23 patents, 16 books, 27 book chapters, 214 papers in archival journals, 132 edited conference papers, 16 articles in trade magazines (400+ publications totally), numerous invited, keynote and webinar presentations to different audiences and at different conferences, symposia and technical meetings worldwide. He has Possesses thorough and in-depth understanding of the state-of-the-art in materials, mechanical, electrical, optical, information, telecommunication, reliability and related areas of engineering, of new and emerging technologies, and a clear vision for the most promising directions in the development of applied science and engineering. Works exceptionally well in dynamic and rapidly changing environments, under pressure and in short time frames. Performs effectively across multiple organizations, companies and departments, with specialists from various disciplines and fields, and with people of different mentalities, origins, and cultural backgrounds. He has Developed numerous predictive analytical models that are widely used by engineers and scientists worldwide in the physical design and stress analyses of electronic, photonic and MEMS materials, devices and systems,Made outstanding contributions to the permanent literature of engineering and created a new discipline Structural Analysis of Electronic and Photonic Systems (see ASME Worcester Warner Medal Award citation),Developed a new generation of moisture-resistant nano-materials, with application to optical-fiber coatings.

Research Interest

Dr. Suhir research interest include Photonics, Fiber Optics, Mechanics of Optical Fibers and Systems,Design for Reliability (DfR) of Electronic, Opto-Electronic and Photonic Systems,Solder Materials and Solder Joint Interconnections in Electronic and Optical Engineering,Polymeric Materials in Electronics and Photonics,Vehicular (Automotive, Aerospace, Maritime) Electronics and Photonics: Design for Reliability