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Rabih Halwani

Rabih Halwani

Rabih Halwani, MD
Department of Pediatrics
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia



Dr. Rabih Halwani is currently an Associate Professor at the College of Medicine and the scientific director of Prince Naif Center for Immunology Research at King Khalid Hospital, King Saud University. He obtained a PhD in virology and immunology from McGill University, Montreal, Canada where he was studying HIV viral assembly and viral cellular interaction. He then did a postdoctoral fellowship at the CHUM research center with Dr. Rafick Sekaly where he was trained as an immunologist studying qualitative and quantitative immune correlates of protection against viral infection especially HIV. Dr. Halwani is currently affiliated with King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, where he has established a national immunology laboratory involved in studying the molecular mechanisms involved in asthma pathogenesis as well as primary immune deficiencies.

Research Interest

The molecular mechanisms involved in lung tissue remodeling during Asthma and COPD.


Finding a Fitting Ending for Asthma
Editorial:  J Pulm Med 2017, 1:1
doi: 10.4172/pmj.1000e101

Richard Barbers

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Impact of Chronic Rhinosinusitis on Lung Function: A Critical Appraisal
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doi: 10.4172/pmj.1000101
Sanjeev Mohanty and Bharat I
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Asthma Triggers and Control among Adults in an Egyptian Setting
Research Article:  J Pulm Med 2017, 1:1
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Ekram W Abd El-Wahab, Hassan M Farag, Nessrin A El-Nimr and Hoda A Saad El-Dein
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BRAF Mutations in Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: A Multicentre Survey
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Michael A den Bakker, Gerard HGK Gathier, Erik Thunnissen, Willem Vreuls, Nils’t Hart, Rosita L ten Berge, Kees Seldenrijk, Robert Jan van Suylen, Anna MJ van Nistelrooij, Francien H van Nederveen, Matyas Bendek , Wim Timens, Nelly Breeuwsma, Mariël Brinkhuis, Hannie Sietsma, Jeroen Stavast, Jan von der Th

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Sporadic Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Presented with Bilateral Pneumothorax
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Mohamed Faisal AH, Sharmila N and Yuhanisa A

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