Rabih Halwani, MD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Pediatrics
King Saud University
Saudi Arabia

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Dr. Rabih Halwani is currently an Associate Professor at the College of Medicine and the scientific director of Prince Naif Center for Immunology Research at King Khalid Hospital, King Saud University. He obtained a PhD in virology and immunology from McGill University, Montreal, Canada where he was studying HIV viral assembly and viral cellular interaction. He then did a postdoctoral fellowship at the CHUM research center with Dr. Rafick Sekaly where he was trained as an immunologist studying qualitative and quantitative immune correlates of protection against viral infection especially HIV. Dr. Halwani is currently affiliated with King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, where he has established a national immunology laboratory involved in studying the molecular mechanisms involved in asthma pathogenesis as well as primary immune deficiencies.

Research Interest

The molecular mechanisms involved in lung tissue remodeling during Asthma and COPD.