Theresa Mercer

Editorial Board Member

Department of Soil Resources
Cranfield University, U.K

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Dr Mercer is currently involved on a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) project with the Universities of Sheffield and Exeter. The project involves characterising the biodiversity-ecosystem service relationships in urban ecosystems as well as determining the influence of connectivity, flows and resilience. This project forms part of a larger NERC project on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Sustainability (BESS). Dr Mercer’s role in the project is to characterise the soil microbial diversity and ecosystem services and flows with regards to carbon capture and storage, decomposition, run-off reduction and climate regulation. The trans-disciplinary approach to this project will result in a model of biodiversity and ecosystem service relationships that can be used to inform future urban management and policy of green spaces in urban areas.

Research Interest

Carbon, Climate and Risk Soil Resources Waste Management & Resource Efficiency

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