Lwaleed Bashir Abdulgader, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Southampton, UK

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 Dr. Bashir is the Lecturer at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, USA. 

Research Interest

Dr. Bashir  follows basic, clinical and translational research in the following areas:  Diagnostic Haematology: Control and regulation of urinary and blood monocyte tissue factor expression in health and disease (cancer, inflammation, deep vein thrombosis, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, and bronchial epithelial repair in asthma).   Fertility: The potential effects of seminal haemostatic factors and their carrier “prostasomes” on global fertility and prostate disease.  Haemostasis and Cancer Therapy: The association between tissue factor and the multidrug resistance efflux pump (P-glycoprotein). Also multidrug resistance reversal, drug uptake and intracellular trafficking (concentrating on the nuclear envelope).  

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