Mark Burgin, MA, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Mathematics
University of California, Los Angeles, USA  

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Dr. Mark Burgin received his M.A. and Ph.D. in mathematics from Moscow State University and Doctor of Science in logic and philosophy from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He was a Professor at the Institute of Education, Kiev; at International Solomon University, Kiev; at Kiev State University, Ukraine; and Director of the Assessment Laboratory in the Research Center of Science at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Currently he is working at UCLA, USA.  Dr. Burgin is a member of New York Academy of Sciences and an Honorary Professor of the Aerospace Academy of Ukraine. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the international journals Integration and Information. Burgin is a member of the Science Advisory Committee at Science of Information Institute, Washington. He was a member of organizing and program committees of more than 75 conferences. He also organized and directed several ongoing research seminars in mathematics and computer science, such as Theoretical Computer Science (UCLA) and Foundations of Mathematics and Information Sciences (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). Dr. Burgin is doing research, has publications, and taught courses in various areas of mathematics, computer science, information sciences, system theory, artificial intelligence, software engineering, logic, psychology, education, social sciences, and methodology of science. He originated such theories as the mathematical theory of technology, system theory of time, general information theory, theory of named sets, hyperprobability theory and neoclassical analysis (in mathematics) and made essential contributions to such fields as foundations of mathematics, theory of algorithms, theory of knowledge, theory of intellectual activity, and complexity studies. His practical experience includes design of operating systems for supercomputers, CAD systems for electrical engineering and problem oriented languages for such systems, databases for biological information, and general expert systems, as well as mathematical modeling of databases and expert systems. Dr. Burgin has authorized and co-authorized more than 500 papers and 19 books, including “Theory of Knowledge” (2016), “Structural Reality” (2012),  “Hypernumbers and Exrafunctions” (2012),  “Theory of Named Sets” (2011), “Theory of Information” (2010), “Theory of Information” (2010), “Measuring Power of Algorithms, Computer Programs, and Information Automata” (2010), “Neoclassical Analysis: Calculus Closer to the Real World” (2008), “Super-recursive Algorithms” (2005), “On the Nature and Essence of Mathematics”  (1998), “Intellectual Components of Creativity” (1998), “Fundamental Structures of Knowledge and Information” (1997), “Introduction to the Modern Exact Methodology of Science“ (1994), “The Structure-Nominative Analysis of Theoretical Knowledge (1992), and “The World of Theories and Power of Mind” (1992).   

Research Interest

Mathematics, Computer science, logic and foundations, General system theory, Information sciences