Palle ET Jorgensen, PhD

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Department of Mathematics
University of Iowa, USA

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Professor Jorgensen is a Professor in mathematics at the University of Iowa, USA; and he has taught at Stanford University, and at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a research mathematician,-- funding from the Natl. Sci. Foundation,-- his research papers have appeared in international scientific journals, publication list includes more than 200 research papers, and 8 books: in math, both pure and applied (operator algebras, and harmonic analysis), and mathematical physics (quantum theory). Palle Jorgensen’s research covers a wide spectrum, stochastic processes, white noise analysis, harmonic analysis, applied functional analysis, PDE, dynamical systems, discrete algorithms, applied stochastic analysis, and Jorgensen’s research makes connections to a number of applied areas, and he has interacted with colleagues from other departments, both at the university of Iowa, and at other universities around the world. This includes colleagues in departments of physics, engineering (dept of computer and electrical engineering), department of statistic and actuarial science (Univ of Iowa.) Over the past seven years Jorgensen has taught financial mathematics both at the graduate level, as well as an undergrad course in derivative securities. These courses draw students from math, from statistic and actuarial science, from engineering, from econ, from finance. While at the Univ of Iowa, Jorgensen has had 24 PhD students, with thesis covering both pure and applied themes.

Research Interest

AnalysisFunctional Analysis & Operator TheoryRepresentation & Number TheoryImaging & Signal ProcessingMathematical Physics