Panayiotis Stavrinos, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Departments of Mathematics and Physics
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece  

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Dr. Panayiotis Stavrinos received his B.Sc. and PhD in Mathematics from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is Professor in the same university and teaches in the Departments of Mathematics and Physics, Differential Geometry and its Applications and Mathematical Physics. He is a referee in different international journals of Applied Mathematics, Gravitation and Cosmology. Dr. Stavrinos is a Founding Member of Balkan Society of Geometers and he was Vice President (2000 - 2004). He annually organizes seminars and lectures in Applications of Differential Geometry to Gravitation and Cosmology. He has published as an author and co-author more than 70 research papers and monographs including ‘Clifford and Riemann Clifford Structures in Geometric Mechanics and Gravity’ (2005), ‘ Basic Elements of Relativity Theory’ (2003), ‘Spinors and Space - Time Anisotropy’ (2002), ‘ Introduction to the Physical Principles of Differential Geometry ‘ (1999) .

Research Interest

Mathematical Physics, Finsler Geometry, Gravitation, Cosmology and Finsler Cosmology.