Hari Mohan Srivastava, PhD, D.Sc. (h.c.), D.Sc. (h.c.)

Editorial Board Member

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria, Canada


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Currently, Professor Srivastava holds the position of a professor emeritus in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Victoria in Canada. He joined the faculty there in 1969 (first as an associate professor (1969-1974) and then as a full professor (1974-2006)). Professor Srivastava has held numerous visiting positions including (for example) those at West Virginia University in the USA (1967-1969), Universite Laval in Canada (1975), and the University of Glasgow in the UK (1975-1976), and, indeed, also at many other universities and research institutes in different parts of the world.

Research Interest

Real and Complex Analysis, Fractional Calculus and Its Applications, Integral Equations and TransformsHigher Transcendental Functions and Their Applicationsq-Series and q-PolynomialsAnalytic Number TheoryAnalytic and Geometric InequalitiesProbability and StatisticsInventory Modelling and Optimization