Catarina E. Hioe

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Department of Pathology
NYU Langone Medical Centre and School of Medicine, USA

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Dr. Catarina E. Hioe is an Associate Professor of Pathology and Training Faculty, Primary Mentor, Pathobiology and Translational Medicine Training Program at NYU Langone Medical Center and School of Medicine, USA. Dr. Catarina E. Hioe has been associated with Organizations like Sigma Xi and American Association for Immunologists. Dr. Catarina’s laboratory has been investigating the role of HIV envelope gp120 and antibodies directed to this antigen in immunopathogenesis of HIV. They are also exploring different approaches to dampen the pathogenic effects of HIV gp120 while enhancing the immunogenicity of this important antigenic target. Recently, they are analyzing HIV gp120-mediated synapse and signaling in order to identify new targets for anti-HIV interventions.

Research Interest

Dr. Catarina E. Hioe’s research interests include Immunology / HIV vaccine, humoral and cellular adaptive responses to HIV, HIV-specific CD4 T cells, HIV vaccine design and HIV env-mediated pathogenesis

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