Timothy B. Niewold

Editorial Board Member

Department of Rheumatology
Mayo Clinic, USA

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Dr. Timothy Niewold is an Associate Professor at Mayo Clinic, Division of Rheumatology and Department of Immunology Chair, Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies Centers of Excellence. Dr. Niewold did his MD from University of Illinois at Chicago. Investigations in Dr. Niewold’s group are broadly focused upon functional genetic variations and pathogenic factors which predispose to human autoimmune disease. Most of Dr. Niewold’s current work involves study of the genetic regulation of interferon alpha and other cytokine signals in the prototype autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Through a number of collaborative relationships, they have active projects involving translational work in other autoimmune diseases and large-scale genetic epidemiology in diverse populations.

Research Interest

Dr. Timothy Niewold's research interests are Genetic Variation and Aberrant Cytokine Signaling in Human Autoimmune Disease Pathogenesis