Madalene C.Y Heng, MD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Dermatology
UCLA School of Medicine, USA

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Dr. Madalene Heng is currently a Professor of Medicine/Dermatology UCLA School of Medicine. She was the chief of Dermatology at the UCLA/San Fernando Valley Internal Medicine Program for 25 years. Dr Heng is a With more than 130 scientific publications including 75 articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics such as psoriasis, pathophysiology of disease and wound healing, Dr. Heng is able to link treatment of diseases to their pathophysiology at the basis science level. Dr. Heng is a reviewer of multiple journals, including the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, International Journal of Dermatology, British Journal of Dermatology and Cell Biology and Toxicology, among others. Currently, she is a practicing dermatologist at the Center of Family Health, Oxnard, California.

Research Interest

Dr. Heng is the pioneer in the study of phosphorylase kinase activity in skin diseases such as psoriasis, and is the inventor of curcumin gel, a phosphorylase kinase inhibitor. Phosphorylase kinase (ph-K) is a unique enzyme released within 5 minutes following skin injury, and serves as a catalyst for the processes that result in the subsequent activation of over 200 genes responsible for inflammation, cell damage and scarring.