Christian Parigger, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Associate Professor of Physics
University of Tennessee Space Institute

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Dr. Christian G Parigger is working as Associate Professor in Department of Physics at University of Tennessee Space Institute, U.S.A. He worked as Acting Director for Computer Services at UTSI, U.S.A. He also worked as Assistant Professor of Physics at UTSI/CLA. Dr. Parigger worked as Research Associate in UTSI/CLA and as Post-Doctoral Research Associate in UTSI/CLA. He is an Computer Programmer, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria. Member of the Optical Society of America, American Institute of Physics, Society of Applied Spectroscopy, and New Zealand Institute of Physics. Dr. Parigger's research interest lies in the experimental and theoretical physics, particularly electromagnetic interactions, quantum optics, non-linear optics, atomic and molecular physics.

Research Interest

Dr. Christian Parigger'S research interest includes: Atomic Molecular Spectroscopy, Plasma Physics, Laser-induced Phenomena, Applied physics, Computational Physics