Evgeny Chesnokov, PhD

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Earth and Atmospheric Science Department,
University of Houston,

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Evgeni M. Chesnokov received Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees, both in geophysics, from Moscow State University (1974) and Institute of Physics of the Earth (1987), respectively. In 1974 he joined the Institute of  Physics of the Earth Russian Academy of Sciences ,Moscow, where he was  a Head of laboratory (1987). From  1997- 2000  he was the visiting professor at theUniversity College London, UK . From 2000 till 2008 he was a research Professor at the University of Oklahoma. Currently he is a tenured Professor at the Earth and Atmospheric Science Department University of Houston. His research interests include mathematical basis for  investigation of effective physical parameters of random media under various thermodynamic conditions ( stress and temperature) and wave propagation in different type of  effectively anisotropic randomly  inhomogeneous media. Past 10 years he and his group was connected with investigations of microseismic phenomena and developed new methodology, which allow them to locate microseismic events, estimate stress orientation and mapping a permeability. Recent results are connected with investigations of porous fractured media based on various scale data.

Research Interest

Dr. Evgeni M. Chesnokov's research interest include: Earth Physics Atmospheric Science  Theoretical and Applied Geophysics  

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