Maciej Kozłowski, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Institute of Economics,
University of Lodz, Poland

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Dr hab. Maciej KozÅ‚owski is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz, marketing. Since 1990 he has been employed at the University of Lodz, initially as an assistant and later as a lecturer at the Institute of Economics. Maciej KozÅ‚owski's scientific interests at the beginning of his career focused on the issue of employee participation and cooperatives. As a result of the research and departure of the Tempus program, a doctoral thesis entitled " Mondragón cooperative system in Spain.He is an Associate Professor in Institute of Economics at the University of Lodz.His teaching focus on subjects such as: Economics, Mathematical economics, Economic policy, Investment process, Managerial Economics, Project Management, Modern methods of company management, Strategic Management, European economic and monetary integration; lectures for Erasmus students in English, Spanish: Investment Decisions and Company's Financial Strategies, Entrepreneurship and an Own Company. He conducts seminars BA, MA and on Ph.D. studies.He is expert in Permanent research activity from the beginning, participation in activity of Foundation of Industrial Democracy and in improving situation in Polish enterprises and safe workplaces, preparing and using program TQM in companies, participating in Action Research in Sweden as member of groups preparing case study for companies, cooperation with Work Research Institute in Oslo and Cornell Institute in New York and doing research in Spanish cooperatives.

Research Interest

Financial Participation Industrial Relations HRM Labour Market Marketing Investment Decisions Cooperative Movement Privatization