Thomas F Kolon, MD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Urology
Perelman School of Medicine

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Dr. Thomas F. Kolon is an expert in the care of children with genital disorders and renal/bladder cancers. He has published extensively in the area of long-term follow-up of patients with undescended testis and varicocele, with specific emphasis on fertility preservation and rehabilitation. Dr. Kolon is world renowned in this area and has published on the likelihood of future fertility in patients with undescended testicles and varicocele, and the preservation of fertility in oncology patients. Dr. Kolon works extensively with patients with disorders of sex development so their reconstruction will optimize sexual function. He is an expert in pediatric urologic oncology, particularly in pediatric renal tumors.

Research Interest

Dr. Thomas F. Kolon research interest mainly focuses on Molecular etiology of genital anomalies, Especially cryptorchidism and disorders of sex development.

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